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Questions to ask to help your interview go well

We all know that interviews these days are a two way process. So having spent time preparing for your interview, researching the company and understanding the role available, have you spent enough time preparing your questions to them.

Here’s 25 questions which offer you a guide to preparing your interview of the potential employer, helping you both check whether the company is right for you and demonstrate further your desire to succeed at interview. Read more…

Emotional intelligence will help you get that new job!

While emotional intelligence may come easily to some, it may not to others. However being aware of the passion and enthusiasm you’re displaying for the job, as well as demonstrating your ability to be flexible in any work situation will help you get the job that your skills are aligned to. These days employers are looking for a little something extra in applicants and the factor many people are missing is emotional intelligence. They are constantly on the lookout for smart people who are not only experts in their fields, but also have the emotional intelligence to become a well-rounded worker and a fit within the company’s culture. Read more about what you can do to improve this and get your perfect job!

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