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Questions to ask to help your interview go well

We all know that interviews these days are a two way process. So having spent time preparing for your interview, researching the company and understanding the role available, have you spent enough time preparing your questions to them.

Here’s 25 questions which offer you a guide to preparing your interview of the potential employer, helping you both check whether the company is right for you and demonstrate further your desire to succeed at interview. Read more…

How to prepare successfully for an interview

Interview preparation is so important these days. It is not enough now to turn up and talk about what you have been doing for the last few years. Interviewers are more skilled in using different interviewing techniques and getting to understand you within a few minutes.

Preparation is key and if you follow these 4 simple “P’s” it will set you on the right track to be ready for your next interview. They could get you that job… Read more here

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