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Questions to ask to help your interview go well

We all know that interviews these days are a two way process. So having spent time preparing for your interview, researching the company and understanding the role available, have you spent enough time preparing your questions to them.

Here’s 25 questions which offer you a guide to preparing your interview of the potential employer, helping you both check whether the company is right for you and demonstrate further your desire to succeed at interview. Read more…

Helpful tips to get you the job at final interview

Getting the job once down to the final stages needs a lot of preparation and thought. This article provides 7 really useful hints to ensure you secure the job when faced with the final stage interview. Much of it can be applied at any interview but at the final stage interview you need to think about a few things in more detail.

Read more here about the 7 things that will make a difference at a final interview and feel free to comment on anything else you could add…Read more here

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