Questions to ask to help your interview go well

We all know that interviews these days are a two way process. So having spent time preparing for your interview, researching the company and understanding the role available, have you spent enough time preparing your questions to them.

Here’s 25 questions which offer you a guide to preparing your interview of the potential employer, helping you both check whether the company is right for you and demonstrate further your desire to succeed at interview. Read more…

Helpful tips to get you the job at final interview

Getting the job once down to the final stages needs a lot of preparation and thought. This article provides 7 really useful hints to ensure you secure the job when faced with the final stage interview. Much of it can be applied at any interview but at the final stage interview you need to think about a few things in more detail.

Read more here about the 7 things that will make a difference at a final interview and feel free to comment on anything else you could add…Read more here

How to prepare successfully for an interview

Interview preparation is so important these days. It is not enough now to turn up and talk about what you have been doing for the last few years. Interviewers are more skilled in using different interviewing techniques and getting to understand you within a few minutes.

Preparation is key and if you follow these 4 simple “P’s” it will set you on the right track to be ready for your next interview. They could get you that job… Read more here

How to improve your CV to get that new job!

As a recruiter I see many CV’s and over half of them are good; well written, concise, clear structure and layout and assist me in understanding whether the person is worth that phonecall. However the rest are not good. This article helps you avoid making the most common mistakes on your CV and could make the difference of getting that new job you want or not! Read more here…



Should you consider candidates that have job hopped?

We all know the rules to recruiting new employees…or do we? Look for job stability, consistent progression, loyalty and no gaps on candidates CV’s. Many of these are true but should we always looking for employees that have stayed with a company for many years. Or is it possible that moving around could have made the person a better employee with better skills? In the current world employees do not stay on one company for decades and this can be a good thing. Read on to find out more

How to make Social Media help your Digital Marketing Strategy

Whilst the debate about Social Media and what it actually contributes to sales continues, it is worth reading this article about 5 social media tips to enhance your marketing. All the information has helped us here at Perfect Pearl Solutions and a few of our ecommerce clients who manage their own social media. We can all do simple things to improve our marketing and this is a great start. Read more

Marketing your brand…brand soul

After coming across this earlier today and finding 14 minutes passed in a flash, I am now checking our brand for soul. This video is well worth a watch to understand how much better your brand can be if it has a soul. For all business owners out there and marketing managers this is critical to gaining brand loyalty everyday. Watch the video here

Some “different” ways to present your social media CV

In today’s world getting your CV across to potential employers in a creative way for social media roles is becoming something of the norm. However these ideas are definitely the most creative we have seen. But remember that you also need to have a word doc or PDF of your CV for employers to be able to add to their systems so do something creative as an extra! What do you think of these

Emotional intelligence will help you get that new job!

While emotional intelligence may come easily to some, it may not to others. However being aware of the passion and enthusiasm you’re displaying for the job, as well as demonstrating your ability to be flexible in any work situation will help you get the job that your skills are aligned to. These days employers are looking for a little something extra in applicants and the factor many people are missing is emotional intelligence. They are constantly on the lookout for smart people who are not only experts in their fields, but also have the emotional intelligence to become a well-rounded worker and a fit within the company’s culture. Read more about what you can do to improve this and get your perfect job!

Half of HR Managers plan to recruit in 2014

Will you be looking for a new job in 2014? Well 2014 is the year for you according to HR Managers. Nearly half (48%) of HR hiring managers are looking to add to their team by the end of 2014. More HR professionals are looking to increase headcount than professionals from any of the other departments surveyed. Almost three-quarters of HR managers (70%) are looking to make junior or mid-level hires, making it the area most are looking to strengthen.  Read more




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