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Perfect Pearl works with specialist IT individuals helping find them a new job role in IT. We have recruited quality practitioners in all IT roles including data analysts, programmers, SQL developers etc and are always looking for the best talent to work with.

We recruit for all the different IT jobs including:

  • Data Analyst Jobs
  • The Data Analyst is a highly trained professional who performs the analysis, running various mathematical calculations to determine how the data samples might best be applied to profit the business.
  • Graphic Designer Jobs
  • Everything that is seen on posters, adverts, brochures, signage, brochures and websites (and countless more images) has been created by a graphic designer.
  • Systems Administrator Jobs
  • There are many types and levels of System Administrators but at its most basic you will be responsible for the crucial job of maintaining the computer systems of a company.
  • Web Designer Jobs
  • As a Web Designer or Web Developer you’ll be responsible for the overall design, layout and coding of a website.
  • Technical Support Jobs
  • In a Technical Support role, you’ll be providing technical assistance and training to customers over a wide range of issues and disciplines.
  • Computer Programmer Jobs
  • As a Computer Programmer you will be actively employed writing the step by step instructions that direct computers to process information.
  • Developer Jobs
  • Ranging from SQL developers to .net developers, Java developers to PHP developers you will develop, code and implement systems and websites both in agencies and client side.

And more….
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Candidate Testimonials
Perfect Pearl Solutions

Heather has been an absolute joy to work with. Completely professional and really cares about matching the right people to the right jobs.

She's been really helpful, informative, and caring. Trying to find new employment is stressful, but Heather really does make it as easy for you as possible. She takes the time to get to know you both personally and professionally, and makes sure that it's the right decision for both parties. She has been a steady source of reassurance and information throughout the whole process, and goes above and beyond what 99% of recruiters I have ever worked with do. I would recommend her to both the any potential recruit, and the recruiter in a heartbeat.